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Made from locally sourced ingredients, Just Jerky is the healthy snack you have been looking for.

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Adventure, Just Jerky

Quick, get ready cause we’re heading out – the top three trending hangouts for 2017.

We have made it! 2017 has arrived and we're rolling up our sleeves and starting to get our hands...
Just Jerky, Recipes

Crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy – the best nuts you will ever eat!

Let's talk nuts. Crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy nuts. So you know when you hit up a swanky bar -...
Just Jerky

Six tips to help you chill out this Christmas!

So we're finally heading down the home straight to Christmas. No doubt there are 100000001 things for you to...
Just Jerky

How to buy the best gifts for your loved ones with a little help from Beautiful Bundles

Why Just Jerky LOVES Beautiful Bundles  🙂 I don't know about you guys, but living away from family and friends makes...
Adelaide_Brighton_tasting Just Jerky

What makes grocery shopping in Adelaide so amazing?

Well, to start, Adelaide is home to the worlds best supermarket! Frewville Foodland, or simply Frewville, (as the locals like...
Co-op and JJ Just Jerky

How to beat those long, exhausting and starving study days at Uni with the perfect snack

Just Jerky - the best kind of uni snack food! I definitely know what it feels like.... Back when I was...
Just Jerky

Just Jerky shares Fine Food Melbourne 2016

How our jerky/foodie life changed forever in just five days- Fine Food Show Melbourne 2016 Wine, salami, risotto, gelato, vinegar,...
Brand, Just Jerky

5 top foods to help you combat stress. Turns out jerky is a superfood 😉

Hey, busy person - yes, you! How are your stress levels today? - Let’s face it, we all have some level...
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