Quick, get ready cause we’re heading out – the top three trending hangouts for 2017.

Quick, get ready cause we’re heading out – the top three trending hangouts for 2017.

We have made it! 2017 has arrived and we’re rolling up our sleeves and starting to get our hands dirty with the happenings of new year life. Here at JJ we don’t do resolutions. Rather, we invite a little more of what we loved and enjoyed doing the previous year, which means turning up the volume on the fun and feel-good stuff, and stamping out the not-so amazing stuff.

Now, you will be pleased to know that I’m not going to bang on about green smoothie bars, vegan or paleo cafes or shopping at your local growers market (although I should mention that we absolutely LOVE all those places and frequent them, often). I’m here to talk about the places where all the cool kids will be hanging this year. I’m almost certain my list will not come as a surprise to you, but heck, I bet you will be like f$*k yeah, let’s go there, now!

The Butcher 

We’re not talking any old kind of butcher with a sharp knife, white apron and a cool-room. No no, we have welcomed a new kind of butcher into our lives this year. You see, as we begin to care more and more about where our produce comes from, what we can do to support sustainable farms, we have inevitably lead the way for a new kind of experience at the butcher shop. No longer do we pop in and out in a hurry. We now desire to get to know our butcher and listen to them carefully as they share their knowledge of the best cut of beef for slow cooking or how to create killer pork crackle. Better still, how great is it browsing through all those gourmet pantry foods that you just can’t seem to find in any mainstream grocery store!

So, our pick for the most outstanding butcher’s for 2017 are:

Feather and Bone (Sydney)

Macelleria (Sydney)

Cannings Free Range Butchers (Melbourne)

Victor Churchill (Sydney)

                     Victor Churchill


The Barber 

Boys, sharp razors, cool tunes and killer hairstyles….. need I say more? Well, what I do need to say is that you MUST (as in it’s non-negotiable) check out the following three shops.

Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop – Uncle Rocco’s is, well, the mens hangout to beat all mens hangouts (I reckon men leave this joint more manly every time they visit).

The Barbershop – And then there’s The Barbershop, where you can get your hair pimped and then float on upstairs to the bar to sip on the finest gin in the world…. Who’s thirsty?!

Westons Barbershop – Weston’s has a classic, no fuss vibe – these guys are the real deal and have a freakin’ Instagram to boot.

                        Westons Barber

The Brewery

The only yellow beverage to rival the turmeric latte in 2017 is…….CRAFT BEER. Yep! And it’s time to get serious about what you drink. At JJ, we love a good beer, and we are always looking to try a new brew, dive in and learn more about the fermentation process and discover what beer to pair with food. We find that the best way to do this is to go straight to the source! Here’s a list of the breweries we’ll be visiting in 2017!

Colonial Brewing Co (Margaret River, WA and Port Melbourne, VIC)

Stomping Ground Brewing Co. (Collingwood, VIC)

Pirate Life Brewing (Hindmarsh, SA)

Young Henry’s  (Newtown, NSW)

                                                Stomping Ground Brewery