The top 5 Snack-right suggestions featuring beef jerky!

The top 5 Snack-right suggestions featuring beef jerky!

So now that we understand why combining high protein foods into your snack routine is super important – here are our top 5 snack combinations to try anytime of the day – no matter where you are!


25g Just Jerky HERBED + 1x green apple + a handfull of macadamias


25g Just Jerky CHILLI + Carrot sticks + 1 tsp tahini (for dipping you carrot sticks in!)


25g Just Jerky ORIGINAL + Small green juice/smoothie + a few walnuts


25g Just Jerky HERBED + handful of organic blue corn chips + half avocado

Orig_avo_corn chips

25g Just Jerky CHILLI + 2 pieces of dark chocolate (YES, we said the c word and we mean it!!!) + an orange


The best part, ALL of these options and many more that you think of can be eaten as a snack or meal replacement – for those hectic times when life happens and convenience is the only way out.