Crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy – the best nuts you will ever eat!

Let’s talk nuts. Crunchy, salty, sweet and spicy nuts.

So you know when you hit up a swanky bar – gin, whisky (you know the kind), or perhaps you visit a trendy brewery and as soon as you order a drink, outs comes a bowl of what at the time seem like THE TASTIEST BAR NUTS ever. You totally devour the bowl, and the next, and the next. Then you think to yourself, why the f*&k have I not made spiced nuts before? Sweet, salty, spicy nuts are the greatest and surely aren’t hard to make.

Then you go home wake up the next day and totally forget to ever make those sweet, salty spicy nuts.

Well I’m here to force remind you to make those nuts and I have the perfect recipe! These nuts will go incredibly well as a pre-drink Christmas lunch snack or New Years Eve party snack and will pretty much replace any other snack you have ever loved. (Except for jerky, right. You can’t possibly stop loving JJ)

Here it goes:

4 cups mixed nuts – we used almonds, walnuts and pecans

2-3 tablespoons pure maple syrup, depending on how sweet you want to be 😉

1.5 tablespoons fresh chopped rosemary

2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (or more, if you like it extra hot)

1 teaspoon ground coriander

20g unsalted butter, melted

sea salt to taste (we like ’em salty, so we used a good dusting 😮 )

Place nuts in a bowl to combine. Add all the seasonings, butter and maple syrup and mix well. Spread out onto two lined baking trays and place into oven at about 160-170 degrees celsius. Cook for about 15-20 minutes or until golden and crunchy… and make sure you toss them at least once to make sure they don’t burn.

Six tips to help you chill out this Christmas!

So we’re finally heading down the home straight to Christmas. No doubt there are 100000001 things for you to do and buy, 300 people to see, many events to plan and attend, not to mention that amongst all that you have probably done about 20 revisions of the Christmas menu (I’m currently on edit no.6 – pork crackle or roast lamb!?!)

We know it’s hectic, and we know that you’re probably feeling equally overwhelmed and overjoyed at this point in time. That’s why we want to ask you to chill the f*&k out. Below are our six ground-breaking tips to help you inject some time-out time into your Chrissy break!

1. Sit down. In the thick of it, when you’re running around like a crazy person, simply sit down and stop like you have nothing else to do. It works, trust me.
2. Laugh. At the stuff ups and family arguments and because really, it’s all just funny and totally not worth getting in a huff and puff over.
3. Sleep. Have a nap or sleep in.
4. Eat. Delicious and feel-good food prepared with love.
5. Have a drink. Or two, or three?? 😉
6. TAKE A PACK OF JERKY WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING ON BOXING DAY! It will save you from having to meet Hangry – AKA the villain that surfaces from within that is equal parts hungry and angry!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time loaded with love!

Beef Jerky Packed With Iron

Our beef jerky is packed with heaps of delicious goodies. In this article we take a quick look at what it means for Just Jerky to be packed with Iron.

Just Jerky’s beef jerky is 100% grass fed premium Australian beef. Our quality approach ensures only the best beef is used, giving you all the benefits of an Iron-rich diet – You can learn more about our beef jerky here.

So, why does your body need iron?

– For energy – iron is essential for producing energy from food and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Snacking on beef jerky during the day is a fantastic way to get sustain your energy levels.

– For your brain – iron carries oxygen to the brain and contributes to normal cognitive function i.e. ability to concentrate and learn. One trick is to keep a pack of beef jerky, in the draw of your desk, or in the car. This means you can keep you mental focus throughout the day.

– To fight infections – the immune system depends on iron to work properly. Try eating beef jerky regularly to help give your body the nutrients it needs to fight infections.

– For normal growth and development – in babies, toddlers and children. Our all natural grass fed beef jerky are soft and delicious, for young-ones to enjoy in their lunchbox or as a light meal.

In addition to beef jerky being rich in Iron, eating red meat also provides your body with Omega-3. This is the same ‘healthy’ fat found in fish, and because we generally eat red meat about 3 times per week, it makes a valuable contribution to omega-3 in our diet.

If your looking to maintain healthy bodily function and give yourself sustaining energy, then try snacking on our beef jerky.

Make sure you check out our quick and easy beef jerky snacking ideas to learn how to get mix-up how you can eat beef jerky.

How have you been snacking today?

How have you been snacking today?
Been reaching for that open pack of biccies, or perhaps that energy drink to keep your fuel levels topped up?
Find a minute to read this link – some useful and tips tricks to help provide a healthy and all-natural approach for giving your body sustaining fuel to burn.
You may also like our 3 hot & healthy snacking tips, for a few Just Jerky helpful ideas on how to best snack with beef jerky.

How to make the best beef jerky in 8 easy to follow steps.

What are the secrets behind making great tasting beef jerky?

You know – that succulent, meaty, full flavour jerky that you just want to munch and munch?

The good news is that you can make your very own jerky in your own humble kitchen – no need for a fancy dehydrator. You’ll be blown away – and your mates too – by just how easy it is to make great tasting beef jerky.


Source the best quality beef possible. For us, this means making sure our beef is grass-fed and finished, and preferably purchased from our local butcher or meat wholesaler. As for the cut, it has to be super lean so our preference is Topside, but Silverside will work just as well.


Pop the whole cut of beef into the freezer for about 2-3 hours. This will ensure the meat is firm but not fully frozen, which will make it easier to slice thinly. When removed from freezer, slice into thin pieces about 3-5mm. The thinner your slices, the less dehydration time is needed –  as well as allow each slice to absorb more flavour from the marinade.

(Personally, when making small batch jerky in our own kitchen at home we skip this step and jump straight into slicing with a very sharp chef’s knife. However, if you’re not confident with your knife skills, it is best to freeze, it does make the slices more consistent). 


It’s time to get creative – Prepare your marinade.

We love to use a combination of dry spices and herbs, pure sauces (Tamari/Soy/Fish), good quality salt and some honey. We avoid using ready made marinade sauces, or any pre-made sauces at all as  these are usually loaded with sugars and preservatives.

Make sure you marinade is combined really well, use a whisk if needed.


Using a glass container, submerge all sliced beef into the marinade and pop into the fridge for overnight or up to 24 hours.


a) Dehydrator method – depending on your dehydrator, lay beef slices directly on racks and stack onto the dehydrator. Make sure you rotate these racks during the course of the dehydration process (generally, the ones closer to the heating element will dry faster).

b) Electric oven method – line baking trays with baking paper and then lay out sliced beef flat, making sure no folds or slices are overlapping. With this method, it is important to set the oven to a low temp (about 80-100 degrees Celsius) and leave the oven door cracked open a little to ensure air is circulating and to keep the temp down.

With both methods, you will need to flip slices over a few times to ensure both sides are evenly cooked.


You will know that the jerky is ready when it has turned a dark ‘cooked beef’ colour and is quite stiff when picked up and attempted to bend. If there are any soft bits, leave in the dehydrator/oven for just a little longer.


 Jerky is best shared with friends.


Go back to Step 1 and give it a go again – new flavours, new marinade, new jerky experience.

So, now you’re a masterchef, right? Share your jerky creation with us @justjerky and we may collab with you on a special edition Just Jerky flavour.

Monday – Getting over it


Do you feel that? Did your anxiety spike then spread down deep into the depths of your stomach?

The word alone can send shivers down the spin of people just like you and me. Arguably, normal people whose minds drift, filling with thoughts of the upcoming week’s workload. The sky-high pile of files to get through, the overflowing inbox, that increasingly looming presentation (which of course hasn’t been started), suddenly snaps into shape with a startling smack of panic as the alarm sounds.

The thing with Monday’s is that by design we start from behind. The weekend give us just enough time to forget where we’re up to. We commonly lose full-site of that important project we were working on, causing us to lose our working rhythm and routine. If any of you are like me, then often there are times where I find myself trying to recall exactly what I did the week previous, and what the heck I’m supposed to be doing… Mondays are hard.

Here’s a super simple checklist to help get your Mondays into shape.

Start right.

Starting right is a mental thing. If you start the working week with good intentions, coupled by a simple routine then the shift into ‘work mode’ becomes somewhat easier. Start by getting up early. I know… many of you, I suspect, may think that by taking Monday morning nice and cruisy we give our mind and body the pleasure of slowly getting ‘into it.’ But no – I don’t believe this works that well. Getting up early helps jump-start everything – giving yourself a quick adrenaline kick (or some sort of immediate boost). You can kind of shock yourself into being alert and focused, shifting your frame of mind positively & almost immediately.


Get outside if you can, and do even the smallest amount of exercise. This helps improve our cognitive ability, and gets the blood flowing around our body. For me, exercise gives a sense of accomplishment too, which in turn allows me to start off the working week in a positive frame of mind.

Weekly purpose.

Spend the first 5min of the day reflecting and preparing an actionable checklist of tasks. Don’t write a boring To-Do list that makes you fret about the volume of stuff you need to get through. Try writing down the most important tasks with actionable next-steps for each – give yourself something to work with.

This certainly helps to shift your perspectives from worrying, to focusing on doing the work that matters.


We all understand there’s a really obvious and important need to eat good food to give us sustaining energy to support our bodies. But, I think food plays an important emotional role too. By preparing fun snacks to eat throughout the day helps gives us something to look forward to and work towards. Those little moments of satisfaction and bliss are super important to employ into your busy schedule, giving yourself a break – that necessary time for reflection and enjoyment. Try snacking on Just Jerky’s beef jerky, combined with some fruit and chocolate for your next ‘snack-time.’

Starting right, getting up and doing simple exercise gives us the basic tools to get our minds and bodies ready for the week. Having purpose in your workload and fuelling our bodies with exciting and fun foods ensures a positive and clear mind. Hopefully these simple ideas help with getting over the Monday hurdle. And of course let us know what tips and tricks you use.

Hungry for adventure?

Curiosity has driven our adventures. We crave the feeling of riding remote waves, darting down the face of snow covered slopes, and hiking tirelessly into the untouched wilderness. It’s in these moments of adventure that define Just Jerky.

Are you hungry for adventure?

Try Australia’s finest quality beef jerky from our online shop & get free shipping + save $10 when you buy any 2 boxes of our beef jerky. Simple.


Adventure for longer, adventure with Just Jerky.

Eat good. Feel Good. Look Good

Eat good. Feel good. Look good.

It’s that simple, right?

Okay, sure, there are a few other ingredients that help contribute to a healthy and happy life – like human connection & obviously love. But, here’s the thing – to get our own human foundations right, it really starts by looking at what we eat.

Eating good can be a real hassle, sure we understand. Or, it can be heaps of fun if you know what to look out for. Eating good doesn’t mean having to sacrifice much either. Dismiss the noise of so-called ‘experts’ trying to tell you to eat one particular food type exclusively. This is nonsense. Eating good is about balance – and of course eating healthy by balancing taste and flavour along the way is really important. Enjoying food is what it’s all about. Beef jerky is great way to eat well without compromising any of the yummies our taste buds are searching for.

Grass fed premium Australian beef jerky is what you want to look out for. Grass fed simply means that the cattle were only fed grass instead of grain on the farm – which is important to ensure the beef has no additives – it’s more natural this way. The flavouring is important too – make sure no numbers are on the ingredients list. All natural ingredients means you can feel good knowing that what you’re eating is natural & healthy.

Just Jerky’s entire range of beef jerky only use grass fed beef and all natural ingredients. So if you’re wanting to eat good to feel good. Try Just Jerky’s proudly Australian beef jerky – and you’ll be on your way to looking good too.

Tell us what you think

Hey you, why not tell us what you think about Just Jerky’s beef jerky?

If you’re a lover, hater, or have a bright idea for a new flavour – then let us know!

Having a access to quality feedback allows us to experiment with flavours, recipes and new jerky ideas. It’s you guys, the one who eat Just Jerky, that help improve our beef jerky with your thoughts and feedback. After All, it’s our mission to make Australia’s finest beef jerky, and you, the customer, is a mighty big part of this.

So, spare a few minutes after you’ve eaten your next pack of jerky and write a quick review, here: & here:


Beef Jerky at the Naturally Good Expo

Beef Jerky at the Naturally Good Expo? I mean, does that even make sense, or have we all gone crazy?

It actually does makes perfect sense, and here’s why.

Just Jerky is excited to be front at centre at the 2016 Naturally Good Expo, because we’re, well, natural and health. Pretty simple stuff.

The show is set at the Royal Hall in Sydney’s Moore Park. With more than 200 exhibitors the show gives industry folk somewhat of a crystal ball into who are the movers and shakers of the health food industry within Australia. From Coffee to Chips to Just Jerky’s beef jerky, the show covers a broad spectrum of specialist companies who all share one heck of a common goal – to make healthy and natural products for our collective customer base… that’s you.

Just Jerky has secured a great spot and we’re looking forward to meeting and mingling with our industry counterparts. We believe that being actively involved in events like the Naturally Good Show enables our team to see and learn from other exciting companies, giving us a sense of grounding and community as we continue to disrupt the beef jerky market.

If you’re a retailer, a distributor or have a free moment, then we’d love to meet you there.