Quick, get ready cause we’re heading out – the top three trending hangouts for 2017.

We have made it! 2017 has arrived and we’re rolling up our sleeves and starting to get our hands dirty with the happenings of new year life. Here at JJ we don’t do resolutions. Rather, we invite a little more of what we loved and enjoyed doing the previous year, which means turning up the volume on the fun and feel-good stuff, and stamping out the not-so amazing stuff.

Now, you will be pleased to know that I’m not going to bang on about green smoothie bars, vegan or paleo cafes or shopping at your local growers market (although I should mention that we absolutely LOVE all those places and frequent them, often). I’m here to talk about the places where all the cool kids will be hanging this year. I’m almost certain my list will not come as a surprise to you, but heck, I bet you will be like f$*k yeah, let’s go there, now!

The Butcher 

We’re not talking any old kind of butcher with a sharp knife, white apron and a cool-room. No no, we have welcomed a new kind of butcher into our lives this year. You see, as we begin to care more and more about where our produce comes from, what we can do to support sustainable farms, we have inevitably lead the way for a new kind of experience at the butcher shop. No longer do we pop in and out in a hurry. We now desire to get to know our butcher and listen to them carefully as they share their knowledge of the best cut of beef for slow cooking or how to create killer pork crackle. Better still, how great is it browsing through all those gourmet pantry foods that you just can’t seem to find in any mainstream grocery store!

So, our pick for the most outstanding butcher’s for 2017 are:

Feather and Bone (Sydney)

Macelleria (Sydney)

Cannings Free Range Butchers (Melbourne)

Victor Churchill (Sydney)

                     Victor Churchill


The Barber 

Boys, sharp razors, cool tunes and killer hairstyles….. need I say more? Well, what I do need to say is that you MUST (as in it’s non-negotiable) check out the following three shops.

Uncle Rocco’s Barber Shop – Uncle Rocco’s is, well, the mens hangout to beat all mens hangouts (I reckon men leave this joint more manly every time they visit).

The Barbershop – And then there’s The Barbershop, where you can get your hair pimped and then float on upstairs to the bar to sip on the finest gin in the world…. Who’s thirsty?!

Westons Barbershop – Weston’s has a classic, no fuss vibe – these guys are the real deal and have a freakin’ Instagram to boot.

                        Westons Barber

The Brewery

The only yellow beverage to rival the turmeric latte in 2017 is…….CRAFT BEER. Yep! And it’s time to get serious about what you drink. At JJ, we love a good beer, and we are always looking to try a new brew, dive in and learn more about the fermentation process and discover what beer to pair with food. We find that the best way to do this is to go straight to the source! Here’s a list of the breweries we’ll be visiting in 2017!

Colonial Brewing Co (Margaret River, WA and Port Melbourne, VIC)

Stomping Ground Brewing Co. (Collingwood, VIC)

Pirate Life Brewing (Hindmarsh, SA)

Young Henry’s  (Newtown, NSW)

                                                Stomping Ground Brewery

What makes grocery shopping in Adelaide so amazing?

Well, to start, Adelaide is home to the worlds best supermarket!

Frewville Foodland, or simply Frewville, (as the locals like to call it) is the worlds best, and I totally know why. It’s buzzing with a fresh food kitchen and coffee bar, live cooking demonstrations/tastings, and an irresistible patisserie. Better still, the bonus for doing your groceries on the weekend is that whilst you stroll through the aisles, you’re  accompanied by the sweet sounds of live music. But this is just the start of what Adelaide has to offer hungry customers….

You see, unlike other states whereby a couple of big supermarkets (not mentioning any names), completely dominate the market, in SA there are a total of 236 independent stores that make up about 32% of the market share. This is a big deal. Both for consumers, but also for suppliers as it means both can get to know their local store, and more often than not, the person or family that owns it as well.

After spending a week visiting so many amazing stores and sharing tastes of Just Jerky with customers, I realised just why these independent supermarkets were so important…

Staff were super friendly. Super approachable and cared deeply about what they did.

Stores were immaculate. Not one tomato or lettuce leaf out of place – amazing.

Support local and artisanal suppliers (like the AMAZING Little Acre Mclaren Vale Duck Pate in the image below). This is a huge one for me, because without the local produces to source from and sell to local consumers, really, we have nothing left to feel inspired and proud of.

Each store was completely unique. Unique to the area, clientele and had their own personality.


Adelaide_bowdenIGA        Adelaide_Brighton


Adelaide_Brighton_tasting         pate_1


Thank you, Adelaide, for a beautiful experience in every store I visited, and for bringing customer experience to a whole new level.

Just Jerky shares Fine Food Melbourne 2016

How our jerky/foodie life changed forever in just five days- Fine Food Show Melbourne 2016

Wine, salami, risotto, gelato, vinegar, more wine and beef jerky! It was a week in food heaven.  We were surrounded by some of the best Australian and International producers, meet with the most talented pizza makers in the country and were inspired by the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that keeps this food and beverage industry so alive!

We were super busy sharing our beef jerky with the world, which means we didn’t get much time to take lots of photos, but we made sure we saved just a few to give you a peek into our week in food heaven!

Such an absolute pleasure meeting this guy, Michael Dlask from Salumi Australia. My fave from his range is Guanciale – cured pork cheek – freak’n amazing.
Just Jerky_Salumi Australia


These two making to-die-for risotto and pasta for us daily 🙂  On the left is Andrea Bezzecchi – Balsamic and Wine vinegar royalty from the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. And on the right is the lovely Silvana from Savour Foods/Truckle and Co. in Tassie – your go to destination for the finest artisan food products!

Savour_Just Jerky


Rice legend Michele Perinotti from Gli Aironi AKA the BEST rice in the world – red, black and risotto rice. Changed my life.

Gli Aironi_Just Jerky


Big thanks to this man – Jimmy Day from Edible Exchange (Just Jerky’s South Australian distributor) and the rest of the team that made the show happen. Special thanks to Eurostore Australia’s Sarah and Stefano Angelini for arranging and inviting us to the show – such a pleasure to hang with the gang!
Edible Exchange_Just Jerky



If you are interested in stocking Just Jerky or have any questions about any of the products mentioned above, please contact Elisa@justjerky.com.au.

Save 10% off beef jerky online. Try the best beef jerky and save.

To celebrate the launch of our updated website we’ve got a special offer for all beef jerky eaters. 

Our Just Jerky website’s gone through a few updates which we hope improve our customers’ online shopping experiences. First off, you’ll now notice the website has a custom built slider, sharing our latest news and info to our fans. We’ll keep these banners fresh with offers and promotions, so make sure you keep coming back to learn how you can save on beef jerky. Check out the homepage sliders.

One major improvement to the online shopping experience is through the introduction of a quick-select tool. This allows shoppers to quickly and easily select their favourite jerky flavour along with the pack size, that best suits their needs. From this point, shoppers can go straight to the shopping cart and purchase our beef jerky. This saves online shoppers having to go back and forth selecting different jerky flavours. Pretty cool, eh!

We’ve also made a few general design improvements too. We’ve replaced our imagery with new delicious looking food assortment photos, which show how beef jerky can be mixed and matched with other healthy snacks. We’re sure you’ll get inspired with a few yummy ideas for how you can mix up how you combine our beef jerky with other foods.

The site now includes more information about why Just Jerky is the finest quality beef jerky in Australia. Many of our fans are avid lovers of quality beef jerky and wanted to make sure we clearly communicated why our jerky is the best. Read more about our quality beef jerky.

So with all these neat improvements, we thought there’s no better way to celebrate our updated Just Jerky website than giving our fans & followers a limited time offer. Head to the buy beef jerky page and use the promotional code: bestjerky10 at the checkout to save 10% on your next online purchase of our delicious beef jerky.

How have you been snacking today?

How have you been snacking today?
Been reaching for that open pack of biccies, or perhaps that energy drink to keep your fuel levels topped up?
Find a minute to read this link – some useful and tips tricks to help provide a healthy and all-natural approach for giving your body sustaining fuel to burn.
You may also like our 3 hot & healthy snacking tips, for a few Just Jerky helpful ideas on how to best snack with beef jerky.

How to make the best beef jerky in 8 easy to follow steps.

What are the secrets behind making great tasting beef jerky?

You know – that succulent, meaty, full flavour jerky that you just want to munch and munch?

The good news is that you can make your very own jerky in your own humble kitchen – no need for a fancy dehydrator. You’ll be blown away – and your mates too – by just how easy it is to make great tasting beef jerky.


Source the best quality beef possible. For us, this means making sure our beef is grass-fed and finished, and preferably purchased from our local butcher or meat wholesaler. As for the cut, it has to be super lean so our preference is Topside, but Silverside will work just as well.


Pop the whole cut of beef into the freezer for about 2-3 hours. This will ensure the meat is firm but not fully frozen, which will make it easier to slice thinly. When removed from freezer, slice into thin pieces about 3-5mm. The thinner your slices, the less dehydration time is needed –  as well as allow each slice to absorb more flavour from the marinade.

(Personally, when making small batch jerky in our own kitchen at home we skip this step and jump straight into slicing with a very sharp chef’s knife. However, if you’re not confident with your knife skills, it is best to freeze, it does make the slices more consistent). 


It’s time to get creative – Prepare your marinade.

We love to use a combination of dry spices and herbs, pure sauces (Tamari/Soy/Fish), good quality salt and some honey. We avoid using ready made marinade sauces, or any pre-made sauces at all as  these are usually loaded with sugars and preservatives.

Make sure you marinade is combined really well, use a whisk if needed.


Using a glass container, submerge all sliced beef into the marinade and pop into the fridge for overnight or up to 24 hours.


a) Dehydrator method – depending on your dehydrator, lay beef slices directly on racks and stack onto the dehydrator. Make sure you rotate these racks during the course of the dehydration process (generally, the ones closer to the heating element will dry faster).

b) Electric oven method – line baking trays with baking paper and then lay out sliced beef flat, making sure no folds or slices are overlapping. With this method, it is important to set the oven to a low temp (about 80-100 degrees Celsius) and leave the oven door cracked open a little to ensure air is circulating and to keep the temp down.

With both methods, you will need to flip slices over a few times to ensure both sides are evenly cooked.


You will know that the jerky is ready when it has turned a dark ‘cooked beef’ colour and is quite stiff when picked up and attempted to bend. If there are any soft bits, leave in the dehydrator/oven for just a little longer.


 Jerky is best shared with friends.


Go back to Step 1 and give it a go again – new flavours, new marinade, new jerky experience.

So, now you’re a masterchef, right? Share your jerky creation with us @justjerky and we may collab with you on a special edition Just Jerky flavour.

3 hot & healthy jerky snacking tips

3 hot & healthy snacking tips to fuel your daily adventure.


Snacking throughout the day is a great way to sustain energy and keep you going for longer.

With an abundance of snack food available, how do you choose a snack that’s good for you?

We believe snacking should neither be boring nor bad for you. So, here are three handy suggestions to help you snack right.

1. When looking for snacks at your local supermarket, try walking straight up to the fresh produce section, then to the health food aisle, then to the checkout. Unless you need to grab a few home necessities, there is really no good reason to go to any other aisle.

2. Choosing good snack foods is helped by picking foods that are easy to prepare: Fruits, veg, nuts & Just Jerky’s beef jerky are the necessities to getting yourself energised with healthy snacks.

3. Mix it up and have fun. Combining a piece of fruity with Just Jerky’s beef jerky and organic chocolate is yummy, and always a treat to look forward too.

Need some more inspiration?

Check out Just Jerky’s 5 snacking suggestions

7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest Beef Jerky

Here are 7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest beef jerky.


To make the best beef jerky, we listened to you, the customer. We soon heard that you and many other Australian’s love eating healthy snacks, and expected jerky to be honest, quality and all natural. So that’s what we set out to do, give Australia the finest beef jerky. Simple.

  1. Taste – First and foremost. We quickly waved goodbye to the standard plastic tasting jerky people were eating. We waved goodbye to using fatty meat off-cuts. Only the finest premium grass-fed Aussie beef is used to make Just Jerky. And, did we mention our ingredient? Hand-picked with an even spread of flavour and spice! The combination of theses simple things make Just Jerky one super tasty and healthy beef jerky snack.
  2. All Natural – Only goodness for our bodies. Just Jerky made a stand and said no to MSG, no to using preservatives & no to adding additives. Just Jerky’s beef jerky is as natural as the flowers in your garden… isn’t that nice.
  3. Only Grass Fed Beef – Sustainability is front of mind, and definitely not an afterthought. We thought long and hard about sustainability and have done our best to make sure our cattle are only grass-fed. This allows us to improve Just Jerky’s footprint, while giving our beef jerky a more natural taste and flavour.
  4. Convenience – You’re busy – we get that. You like snacking – we get that too. That’s why Just Jerky comes in 25g and 50g packs. Whatever your preference, you have the power to choose 😉
  5. Cook Right – Cook beef jerky right and you maximise the flavour, the taste, and keep in all the natural goodies. But, cook beef jerky wrong and it ends up dull and sapped of all the yums. Just Jerky is cooked for 48 hours at 40 degrees to ensure the flavours are locked in and all amino acids, proteins, and natural goodies are kept intact.
  6. Protein – Popeye should have eaten Just Jerky. Protein helps sustain your energy levels for longer and give you the fuel to do the things you want to do. It’s good for your heart, liver, muscles and is required for maximum bodily function. Just Jerky’s beef jerky provides as much as 100% more protein than a standard protein bar. Fancy that!
  7. Local – Supporting local means we’re helping keep Australians in jobs and supporting local communities. It means we can also guarantee the quality of our jerky… getting a trusted Aussie product time and time again.

Fit foodie: Recapping the Melbourne Fitness and Health Expo 2015

A big part of why do what we do here at Just Jerky is simply because we believe that we can make a difference in peoples lives. We are all leading crazy busy lives, striving to eat well, train hard and have fun, all while aiming to achieve our own personal goals. And although we are damn well loving making the most of our precious time, there is no denying that the going gets hard sometimes!

That’s why we’ve got your back. We know that by putting Just Jerky into your ‘go-to snack box’ it’s one less thing you need to worry about in your daily life.

To all of you fit foodies that attended the Melbourne Fitness and Health Expo, we want to send out a massive THANK YOU for sharing your time, stories and love of beef jerky with us.