Six tips to help you chill out this Christmas!

So we’re finally heading down the home straight to Christmas. No doubt there are 100000001 things for you to do and buy, 300 people to see, many events to plan and attend, not to mention that amongst all that you have probably done about 20 revisions of the Christmas menu (I’m currently on edit no.6 – pork crackle or roast lamb!?!)

We know it’s hectic, and we know that you’re probably feeling equally overwhelmed and overjoyed at this point in time. That’s why we want to ask you to chill the f*&k out. Below are our six ground-breaking tips to help you inject some time-out time into your Chrissy break!

1. Sit down. In the thick of it, when you’re running around like a crazy person, simply sit down and stop like you have nothing else to do. It works, trust me.
2. Laugh. At the stuff ups and family arguments and because really, it’s all just funny and totally not worth getting in a huff and puff over.
3. Sleep. Have a nap or sleep in.
4. Eat. Delicious and feel-good food prepared with love.
5. Have a drink. Or two, or three?? 😉
6. TAKE A PACK OF JERKY WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO SHOPPING ON BOXING DAY! It will save you from having to meet Hangry – AKA the villain that surfaces from within that is equal parts hungry and angry!

MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!! Hope you have a wonderful time loaded with love!

How to buy the best gifts for your loved ones with a little help from Beautiful Bundles

Why Just Jerky LOVES Beautiful Bundles  🙂

I don’t know about you guys, but living away from family and friends makes certain times of the year particularly difficult – Birthdays, Easter and Christmas are the main culprits. And so the internal conflict dialogue begins.

Do I buy a gift and post it? 

I’ll just skip gifting this year… 

I’ll just buy something online and send it directly to them…… 

Stuff it, it’s too late now, I can’t arrange anything. 

Yep, I know, this has probably happened to you too. Well, the good news is, I have the greatest solution – Beautiful Bundles! The amazing ladies behind BB have made gifting made super easy and so beautiful.  And just to be clear, I’m not talking tacky gift hampers jammed with stuff you would never use. Beautiful Bundles are made up of gorgeous hand selected products sourced from of the most incredible suppliers across the country. You can see the difference here.

My favourites so far, the Merry Christmas Bundle (no-brainer) and the Thanks a Bundle, bundle <3

Beautiful Bundle_2    13501813_635241823299209_1594559165176738255_n     Beautiful Bundle_3

For more information, contact Beautiful Bundles at, or visit the BB website.