How to beat those long, exhausting and starving study days at Uni with the perfect snack

Just Jerky – the best kind of uni snack food!

I definitely know what it feels like…. Back when I was at uni (and suffering from gluten intolerance) it was always so hard to find a great snack! I must admit, I did take my lunch every single day, but there were still times when I’d be stuck in class or in the studio late into the day – to late for lunch, too early for dinner, or have no access to food on campus at all!

Looking back, beef jerky would have been the ideal munchie! Only thing was…. I didn’t even know what it was, let alone how to make it!

You see, nowadays Uni students don’t have to worry about this at all, because since September 2016 Just Jerky has been ranged across Australia in a selections of 34 University Co-op Bookstores!! We are so thrilled to be partnering with Co-op Bookstore to make sure students are well fuelled for those long days!
Co-op and JJ

So, no longer can you just grab textbooks, phone chargers and journals from The Co-op Bookstore, you can also buy Just Jerky!!

Here’s the list of stores:

The Co-op ACU Banyo

The Co-op ACU Melbourne

The Co-op ACU North Sydney

The Co-op ACU Strathfield

The Co-op ANU Acton

The Co-Op CSU Port Macquarie

The Co-op Curtin University Bentley

The Co-op ECU Bunbury Campus

The Co-op ECU Joondalup

The Co-op ECU Mount Lawley

The Co-op GU Logan

The Co-op GU Mt Gravatt

The Co-op JCU Cairns

The Co-op JCU Townsville

The Co-op Lismore City

The Co-op LTU Bundoora

The Co-op Melbourne Grattan SPP

The Co-op Melbourne University

The Co-op Ourimbah

The Co-op SCU Lismore

The Co-op SWIT Bunbury

The Co-op Sydney University

The Co-op UC Bruce

The Co-op UNDA Fremantle

The Co-op UNDA Sydney

The Co-op UQ Gatton

The Co-op USC Sippy Downs

The Co-op UTAS Hobart

The Co-op UTAS Launcheston

The Co-op UTS Broadway

The Co-op UWA Crawley

The Co-op VU Footscray MetroWest

The Co-op VU Footscray Park

The Co-op VU St Albans


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How to use beef jerky in your daily cooking adventures – Part 2

Try our beef jerky spinach and bean stew recipe 

Just Jerky Spinach and Bean Stew – Serves 2


Just Jerky spinach and bean 1

Just Jerky spinach and bean 1


1x 50g Just Jerky Herbed

1 can cannellini beans, rinsed

2 cups chopped spinach (frozen or fresh)

2 cloves garlic

½ onion, diced

1 potato, diced (can sub for ½ sweet potato)

1 cup chicken stock or water

3 tablespoons olive oil

½ bunch fresh herbs, chopped (parsley, basil, coriander – or whatever you have)

2 thick slices of sourdough bread


Soak chilli jerky pieces in water for 1 hour. Drain and slice into 1cm pieces.

Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in frying pan, add diced onion and garlic and saute for 2 minutes.

Add potato, chopped spinach and cannellini beans and continue to saute for 2-3 minutes. Then add the sliced jerky.

Pour the chicken stock into the pan to coat all ingredients and turn heat down to simmer for 20-30minutes, or until there is not more liquid left.

Season with salt and pepper, toss in your favourite fresh herbs and drizzle with olive oil

Serve with sourdough toast.


Just Jerky spinach and bean 2

Just Jerky spinach and bean 2

How to cook with beef jerky

Here’s how to prepare beef jerky so that you can add it to any meal.

See our 3 suggestions for how to use Just Jerky’s beef jerky in your kitchen.

1. Place the whole contents of 1 x 50 Just Jerky beef jerky into a bowl. (please discard oxygen absorber).

Just Jerky Beef Jerky Method

Just Jerky Beef Jerky Method

2. Cover the beef jerky with water and place aside for about 30min ­- 1 hour. This rehydrates the beef jerky, preparing it for your meal invention.

Just Jerky Beef Jerky

Just Jerky Beef Jerky

3. Drain the water, and slice jerky into smaller pieces or use as is for any recipe you like.

Just Jerky Beef Jerky

Just Jerky Beef Jerky

What are some other dishes that go well with beef jerky?

Soups – Stews – Stir-frys – One-pan hash – Slow cooked beans – Veggie Salads/potato salad – Noodle Soup

Is it healthy to include jerky in cooked meals?

Absolutely! Just Jerky is a naturally preserved meat, meaning there are no artificial preservatives such as nitrates or flavour enhancers. This makes it far healthier than most other dry/cold meat product such as hams, salami and bacon.

Try using beef jerky in place of bacon in one of your favourite recipes and let us know how it goes!


Into the wild with beef jerky

Curiosity has driven our explorations.

Just Jerky is Australian’s Finest & Best Beef Jerky – buy online at

We crave the feeling of riding remote waves, darting down the face of snow covered slopes, and hiking tirelessly into the untouched wilderness.

While adversity bears its jagged teeth, we always trust in our beef jerky to fuel the next steps forward.

It’s these moments of adventure that define Just Jerky.

Wherever you adventure next, do it with Just Jerky’s beef Jerky.

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7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest Beef Jerky

Here are 7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest beef jerky.


To make the best beef jerky, we listened to you, the customer. We soon heard that you and many other Australian’s love eating healthy snacks, and expected jerky to be honest, quality and all natural. So that’s what we set out to do, give Australia the finest beef jerky. Simple.

  1. Taste – First and foremost. We quickly waved goodbye to the standard plastic tasting jerky people were eating. We waved goodbye to using fatty meat off-cuts. Only the finest premium grass-fed Aussie beef is used to make Just Jerky. And, did we mention our ingredient? Hand-picked with an even spread of flavour and spice! The combination of theses simple things make Just Jerky one super tasty and healthy beef jerky snack.
  2. All Natural – Only goodness for our bodies. Just Jerky made a stand and said no to MSG, no to using preservatives & no to adding additives. Just Jerky’s beef jerky is as natural as the flowers in your garden… isn’t that nice.
  3. Only Grass Fed Beef – Sustainability is front of mind, and definitely not an afterthought. We thought long and hard about sustainability and have done our best to make sure our cattle are only grass-fed. This allows us to improve Just Jerky’s footprint, while giving our beef jerky a more natural taste and flavour.
  4. Convenience – You’re busy – we get that. You like snacking – we get that too. That’s why Just Jerky comes in 25g and 50g packs. Whatever your preference, you have the power to choose 😉
  5. Cook Right – Cook beef jerky right and you maximise the flavour, the taste, and keep in all the natural goodies. But, cook beef jerky wrong and it ends up dull and sapped of all the yums. Just Jerky is cooked for 48 hours at 40 degrees to ensure the flavours are locked in and all amino acids, proteins, and natural goodies are kept intact.
  6. Protein – Popeye should have eaten Just Jerky. Protein helps sustain your energy levels for longer and give you the fuel to do the things you want to do. It’s good for your heart, liver, muscles and is required for maximum bodily function. Just Jerky’s beef jerky provides as much as 100% more protein than a standard protein bar. Fancy that!
  7. Local – Supporting local means we’re helping keep Australians in jobs and supporting local communities. It means we can also guarantee the quality of our jerky… getting a trusted Aussie product time and time again.