Herbed Beef Jerky

Herbed Beef Jerky

Just Jerky Herbed Beef Jerky

Herbed Beef Jerky


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Our Herbed Beef Jerky is made from the primest cuts of Australia’s finest beef, marinated in a delicious blend of pure spices and natural sauces to ensure a tasty and tender jerky experience in every bite.

Featuring the very best handpicked ingredients, Just Jerky’s Herbed Beef Jerky is seasoned using the highest quality locally sourced honey, ground green herbs, and coated in a delicious tart marinade of pure pineapple juice, to charm even the fussiest tastebuds with its refined yet intense balance of flavour. Just Jerky Herbed Beef Jerky is the complete high protein snack to share with the family or add to any meal.

Just Jerky also delivers the highest quality naturally occurring nutrition in beef such as iron, zinc and B vitamins. Our products are naturally gluten free, nitrate free and high in protein. And, of course, the taste and flavour is delicious.

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