Monday – Getting over it

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Do you feel that? Did your anxiety spike then spread down deep into the depths of your stomach?

The word alone can send shivers down the spin of people just like you and me. Arguably, normal people whose minds drift, filling with thoughts of the upcoming week’s workload. The sky-high pile of files to get through, the overflowing inbox, that increasingly looming presentation (which of course hasn’t been started), suddenly snaps into shape with a startling smack of panic as the alarm sounds.

The thing with Monday’s is that by design we start from behind. The weekend give us just enough time to forget where we’re up to. We commonly lose full-site of that important project we were working on, causing us to lose our working rhythm and routine. If any of you are like me, then often there are times where I find myself trying to recall exactly what I did the week previous, and what the heck I’m supposed to be doing… Mondays are hard.

Here’s a super simple checklist to help get your Mondays into shape.

Start right.

Starting right is a mental thing. If you start the working week with good intentions, coupled by a simple routine then the shift into ‘work mode’ becomes somewhat easier. Start by getting up early. I know… many of you, I suspect, may think that by taking Monday morning nice and cruisy we give our mind and body the pleasure of slowly getting ‘into it.’ But no – I don’t believe this works that well. Getting up early helps jump-start everything – giving yourself a quick adrenaline kick (or some sort of immediate boost). You can kind of shock yourself into being alert and focused, shifting your frame of mind positively & almost immediately.


Get outside if you can, and do even the smallest amount of exercise. This helps improve our cognitive ability, and gets the blood flowing around our body. For me, exercise gives a sense of accomplishment too, which in turn allows me to start off the working week in a positive frame of mind.

Weekly purpose.

Spend the first 5min of the day reflecting and preparing an actionable checklist of tasks. Don’t write a boring To-Do list that makes you fret about the volume of stuff you need to get through. Try writing down the most important tasks with actionable next-steps for each – give yourself something to work with.

This certainly helps to shift your perspectives from worrying, to focusing on doing the work that matters.


We all understand there’s a really obvious and important need to eat good food to give us sustaining energy to support our bodies. But, I think food plays an important emotional role too. By preparing fun snacks to eat throughout the day helps gives us something to look forward to and work towards. Those little moments of satisfaction and bliss are super important to employ into your busy schedule, giving yourself a break – that necessary time for reflection and enjoyment. Try snacking on Just Jerky’s beef jerky, combined with some fruit and chocolate for your next ‘snack-time.’

Starting right, getting up and doing simple exercise gives us the basic tools to get our minds and bodies ready for the week. Having purpose in your workload and fuelling our bodies with exciting and fun foods ensures a positive and clear mind. Hopefully these simple ideas help with getting over the Monday hurdle. And of course let us know what tips and tricks you use.

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