Iron For Growth And Development

Just Jerky

Iron is important for Growth and Development.

Babies, toddlers and Children all benefit from an iron rich diet. During these ‘high growth’ stages of early childhood, the benefit of Iron is considerable. Iron helps carry oxygen to the brain and contributes to normal cognitive function. Eating beef jerky as a rich form of Iron, helps young ones absorb and learn more at preschool and school too. Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest Quality beef jerky, which gives many parents the confidence that what they’re feeding their loved ones is healthy and nutritious.

Additionally, Iron is essential for the production of energy, turning food into fuel. This helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue throughout the day – giving you more energy to do the things you love. In children, we know how busy their lives can be – playing sport, going to school, music lessons… the list goes on and on. Beef Jerky as a snack in between activities helps to sustain these high-energy activities.

There are many ways to help fight infections. Beef Jerky helps to boost the immune system with the all important iron, allowing the system to work effectively and fight of any nasty infections. Children can often find themselves in unsanitary environments, so making sure their immune system is functioning properly is hugely important.

The beef jerky in Iron has had many proven benefits in young children and adults alike. If you’re looking for a healthy power snack, then try our beef jerky. We’re confident you’ll love it.


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