How to Snack right – Why high-protein foods make the best snack food… Hello, beef jerky!

How to Snack right – Why high-protein foods make the best snack food… Hello, beef jerky!

We have all heard about it, right? Protein rich foods are great for us. A few of the main, more widely known reasons being that they make us feel fuller for longer, help curb cravings and provide essential muscle building properties to help strengthen our bodies. When we think protein, we think nuts, cheese, yogurt, seeds and of course, beef jerky.

All of these delicious health giving foods provide us with rich nutrition and contribute to a healthy and happy body. But today, lets dig just little deeper. I want to explain what these high protein foods, specifically the meat based foods, are doing in bodies when we consume them and how this makes them so pivotal to our health.

Okay, so lets break it down:

PROTEIN = Chains of amino acids 

AMINO ACIDS = what our body needs to function – they build and repair muscles, tissues and also make enzymes, hormones and other bodily chemicals.

Your body’s proteins contain 20 amino acids 


9 of the 20 amino acids cannot be produced by our body so we must absorb them from the foods we consume on a daily basis 


Eating meat based foods WILL healthily support the body’s muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, and hair, and are essential for the growth, repair, and healing of bones, tissues, and cells.

Check out this helpful infographic – it’s great and outlines all the deets.


Now that we understand the reason that high protein foods are necessary, let’s get into the benefits of snacking on these foods.

Well, we all live busy lives and snacking has simply become part of our over worked and demanding lifestyles. Sometimes it is just really hard to sit down to a extravagantly prepared meal. And let’s be honest, who has had to eat a main meal on an early morning or late night interstate flight to work or on in the car on the way to a meeting…

We get this, ’cause we often find ourselves in the very same situation! That’s how we know that beef jerky is the perfect snack at any of these times.

In our opinion, snacks should always be balanced (and tasty too)! I’m certain you can relate to feeling hunger pangs, then crunching on an apple to fill you up, but 5min later your actually more hungry than you were in the first place – go figure!

What is missing is some protein, and some healthy fat too. You see, protein, specifically lean beef jerky, does an incredible job of stabilising your blood sugar levels whilst simultaneously firing up your metabolism. Upon consuming, you find that it only takes a few bites to curb the crazy hunger signals charging through your body and you will very quickly feel satiated. Unlike high carbohydrate foods (eg. crackers, sugary processed foods), beef jerky forces the body to work a little harder to break it down and utilise for energy, thus increasing the body’s metabolic response.

This is the key to snacking right. Always some protein, preferably beef jerky 🙂 for it’s added mineral and vitamin benefits – iron and zinc and vitamin B12.

Now that we the foundations of snacking on high protein foods covered, keep your eyes peeled for our Top 5 Healthy Snack Suggestions featuring Just Jerky.

We would love to know what you do to get your protein in at every meal so please share in the comments below!