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Just Jerky beef jerky Soaked

How to cook with beef jerky

31st March 16

Here’s how to prepare beef jerky so that you can add it to any meal. – See our 3 suggestions for how to use Just Jerky’s beef jerky in your kitchen. – 1. Place the whole contents of 1 x 50 Just Jerky beef jerky into a bowl. (please discard oxygen absorber). 2. Cover the beef jerky with water and place aside […]

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Just Jerky heads to Bells Beach

29th March 16

Call it what you will, but the hectic-ness of the lives we live meant that Easter weekend totally snuck up on me. Before I knew it, I was struck by a sudden … “what the heck am I going to do for four days”… kinda’ feeling. Which made me feel bad for thinking I could just sit around eating Just […]

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Best Beef Jerky Just Jerky

Into the wild with beef jerky

24th March 16

Curiosity has driven our explorations. Just Jerky is Australian’s Finest & Best Beef Jerky – buy online at www.justjerky.com.au We crave the feeling of riding remote waves, darting down the face of snow covered slopes, and hiking tirelessly into the untouched wilderness. While adversity bears its jagged teeth, we always trust in our beef jerky to fuel the next steps forward. […]

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Pre Workout

Pre-workout: A quality approach

16th March 16

Pushing the limits in your workouts will certainly help get you to the next level. And, with the excitement of a big workout looming, one commonly overlooked area is the pre-workout phase. A methodical and disciplined pre-workout routine helps give you added strength and focus at the pointy end of your workout when your lungs and muscles are burning. Additionally, […]

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3 hot & healthy jerky snacking tips

25th February 16

3 hot & healthy snacking tips to fuel your daily adventure.   Snacking throughout the day is a great way to sustain energy and keep you going for longer. With an abundance of snack food available, how do you choose a snack that’s good for you? We believe snacking should neither be boring nor bad for you. So, here are […]

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7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest Beef Jerky

23rd February 16

Here are 7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest beef jerky.   To make the best beef jerky, we listened to you, the customer. We soon heard that you and many other Australian’s love eating healthy snacks, and expected jerky to be honest, quality and all natural. So that’s what we set out to do, give Australia the finest […]

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