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The Best Beef Jerky Is Packed With Essential Nutrients

23rd August 16

They say the key to a healthy diet is to keep the idea of balance front of mind. A balanced diet really just means ensuring you eat across the different food groups, while aiming to eat natural whole foods as the main priority.   Like many of us, you probably live a busy and full life. We get it. And, […]

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Beef Jerky Packed With Iron

18th August 16

Our beef jerky is packed with heaps of delicious goodies. In this article we take a quick look at what it means for Just Jerky to be packed with Iron. Just Jerky’s beef jerky is 100% grass fed premium Australian beef. Our quality approach ensures only the best beef is used, giving you all the benefits of an Iron-rich diet – You […]

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1 In 3 Women aren't getting enough Iron

1/3 Women Aren’t Getting Enough Iron

15th August 16

Australian Women Aren’t Eating Enough Red Meat. Beef Jerky is a rich source of Iron for Australian Women, where according to Beef and Lamb Australia, 1 in 3 are not getting enough Iron in their diets. Just Jerky’s locally sourced Australian beef jerky is full of Iron to help boost and keep your iron levels sustained. The convenient pack sizes allow […]

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How have you been snacking today?

27th May 16

How have you been snacking today?   Been reaching for that open pack of biccies, or perhaps that energy drink to keep your fuel levels topped up?   Find a minute to read this link – some useful and tips tricks to help provide a healthy and all-natural approach for giving your body sustaining fuel to burn. You may also like […]

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Just Jerky beef jerky Soaked

How to make the best beef jerky in 8 easy to follow steps.

26th May 16

What are the secrets behind making great tasting beef jerky? You know – that succulent, meaty, full flavour jerky that you just want to munch and munch? The good news is that you can make your very own jerky in your own humble kitchen – no need for a fancy dehydrator. You’ll be blown away – and your mates too – by just […]

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Monday – Getting over it

16th May 16

Monday. Do you feel that? Did your anxiety spike then spread down deep into the depths of your stomach? The word alone can send shivers down the spin of people just like you and me. Arguably, normal people whose minds drift, filling with thoughts of the upcoming week’s workload. The sky-high pile of files to get through, the overflowing inbox, that […]

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