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Just Jerky shares Fine Food Melbourne 2016

03rd October 16

How our jerky/foodie life changed forever in just five days- Fine Food Show Melbourne 2016 Wine, salami, risotto, gelato, vinegar, more wine and beef jerky! It was a week in food heaven.  We were surrounded by some of the best Australian and International producers, meet with the most talented pizza makers in the country and were inspired by the wealth of knowledge and […]

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5 top foods to help you combat stress. Turns out jerky is a superfood ;)

08th September 16

Hey, busy person – yes, you! How are your stress levels today? – Let’s face it, we all have some level of stress in our life. Even if your world is total bliss, you still have to combat environmental pollution, help relieve your immune system when it’s fighting off a nasty virus or bug a colleague has shared in the office. And […]

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Save 10% off beef jerky online. Try the best beef jerky and save.

06th September 16

To celebrate the launch of our updated website we’ve got a special offer for all beef jerky eaters.  Our Just Jerky website’s gone through a few updates which we hope improve our customers’ online shopping experiences. First off, you’ll now notice the website has a custom built slider, sharing our latest news and info to our fans. We’ll keep these banners […]

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Damn Honest Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky You Can Trust

05th September 16

Finally, beef jerky you can trust We reckon food should be natural. There should be no preservatives, artificial flavours or additives designed to mask the products you eat. Sounds simple, right? We also reckon food should be damn tasty. It should put a smile on your face, fill you up inside and be something you want to share with friends. Just […]

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Beef Jerky Iron

Iron For Growth And Development

02nd September 16

Iron is important for Growth and Development. Babies, toddlers and Children all benefit from an iron rich diet. During these ‘high growth’ stages of early childhood, the benefit of Iron is considerable. Iron helps carry oxygen to the brain and contributes to normal cognitive function. Eating beef jerky as a rich form of Iron, helps young ones absorb and learn more […]

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Beyond beef jerky – dried meats around the world

30th August 16

Did you know that there’s more to jerky products than beef? For thousands of years, the art of preserving meat has been practiced by many cultures around the world. Read on to see what our dried meat loving friends around the world are eating! South Africa – Biltong – a cured meat usually made from either beef or game. Game biltong […]

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