Damn Honest Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky You Can Trust

Damn Honest Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky You Can Trust

Finally, beef jerky you can trust

We reckon food should be natural. There should be no preservatives, artificial flavours or additives designed to mask the products you eat. Sounds simple, right?

We also reckon food should be damn tasty. It should put a smile on your face, fill you up inside and be something you want to share with friends.

Just Jerky is, well, just jerky. It’s beef jerky you can trust and ticks all of the boxes mentioned above.

This is what makes our jerky so Damn Honest – jerky you can trust to be a helping hand in your daily activities and adventures. See, we know you’re busy – everyone’s busy these days. That’s why Just Jerky is made for those on-the-go snack shoppers who are after high-quality natural snacks, that are packed with energy and don’t compromise the waste line.

Time and time again we get asked asked why our jerky is so good. Yes, we do have a few secret tricks, but making quality beef jerky – or any food for that matter – really just comes down to the quality of the ingredients used. Our beef jerky is made from lean cuts of beef that are trimmed of fat and which are cut into thin strips to ensure there’s no spoilage. We then season the beef with our unique all-natural ingredients. Each ingredient is applied eveningly to the jerky strips, keeping the flavour and texture consistent across every piece you eat. And finally we cook the beef. We say cook, but it’s really more of a preserving method. Each piece is cooked for 4 days, which is why Just Jerky is delicate and simply delicious beef jerky.

You can learn more about what make our beef jerky so damn good here, or if you want to try some for yourself, then you can buy beef jerky online.