Quick, get ready cause we’re heading out – the top three trending hangouts for 2017.

10th January 17

We have made it! 2017 has arrived and we’re rolling up our sleeves and starting to get our hands dirty with the happenings of new year life. Here at JJ we don’t do resolutions. Rather, we invite a little more of what we loved and enjoyed doing the previous year, which means turning up the volume on the fun and […]

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Monday – Getting over it

16th May 16

Monday. Do you feel that? Did your anxiety spike then spread down deep into the depths of your stomach? The word alone can send shivers down the spin of people just like you and me. Arguably, normal people whose minds drift, filling with thoughts of the upcoming week’s workload. The sky-high pile of files to get through, the overflowing inbox, that […]

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Best Beef Jerky Just Jerky

Into the wild with beef jerky

24th March 16

Curiosity has driven our explorations. Just Jerky is Australian’s Finest & Best Beef Jerky – buy online at www.justjerky.com.au We crave the feeling of riding remote waves, darting down the face of snow covered slopes, and hiking tirelessly into the untouched wilderness. While adversity bears its jagged teeth, we always trust in our beef jerky to fuel the next steps forward. […]

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Pre Workout

Pre-workout: A quality approach

16th March 16

Pushing the limits in your workouts will certainly help get you to the next level. And, with the excitement of a big workout looming, one commonly overlooked area is the pre-workout phase. A methodical and disciplined pre-workout routine helps give you added strength and focus at the pointy end of your workout when your lungs and muscles are burning. Additionally, […]

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Just Jerky Fossils in Shark Bay

Just Jerky’s Road Tripping

29th January 16

There’s something incredible about exploring remote places and spaces. Especially in Australia where the environment’s diversity offers so much beauty to take in and enjoy. On one of our recent trips, we stumbled on the breathtaking Shark Bay Stromatolites. These ‘living fossils’ are about 3000 years old – the oldest living fossil found on our planet! We, of course, enjoyed the […]

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The top 5 Snack-right suggestions featuring beef jerky!

11th December 15

So now that we understand why combining high protein foods into your snack routine is super important – here are our top 5 snack combinations to try anytime of the day – no matter where you are! ___________________ 25g Just Jerky HERBED + 1x green apple + a handfull of macadamias 25g Just Jerky CHILLI + Carrot sticks + 1 tsp […]

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How to Snack right – Why high-protein foods make the best snack food… Hello, beef jerky!

11th December 15

We have all heard about it, right? Protein rich foods are great for us. A few of the main, more widely known reasons being that they make us feel fuller for longer, help curb cravings and provide essential muscle building properties to help strengthen our bodies. When we think protein, we think nuts, cheese, yogurt, seeds and of course, beef jerky. All of these […]

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Where does your daily adventure take you?

02nd December 15

Where does your daily adventure take you? Perhaps it’s scrambling up a mountainside, drifting along a wave, or trudging into the depths of no-man’s land? Wherever you go, fuel your daily adventure with Just Jerky. Watch our video and buy online today to receive $10 off when you purchase any two 25g or 50g 6 packs.

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