Beef Jerky Packed With Iron

Beef Jerky Packed With Iron

Our beef jerky is packed with heaps of delicious goodies. In this article we take a quick look at what it means for Just Jerky to be packed with Iron.

Just Jerky’s beef jerky is 100% grass fed premium Australian beef. Our quality approach ensures only the best beef is used, giving you all the benefits of an Iron-rich diet – You can learn more about our beef jerky here.

So, why does your body need iron?

– For energy – iron is essential for producing energy from food and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Snacking on beef jerky during the day is a fantastic way to get sustain your energy levels.

– For your brain – iron carries oxygen to the brain and contributes to normal cognitive function i.e. ability to concentrate and learn. One trick is to keep a pack of beef jerky, in the draw of your desk, or in the car. This means you can keep you mental focus throughout the day.

– To fight infections – the immune system depends on iron to work properly. Try eating beef jerky regularly to help give your body the nutrients it needs to fight infections.

– For normal growth and development – in babies, toddlers and children. Our all natural grass fed beef jerky are soft and delicious, for young-ones to enjoy in their lunchbox or as a light meal.

In addition to beef jerky being rich in Iron, eating red meat also provides your body with Omega-3. This is the same ‘healthy’ fat found in fish, and because we generally eat red meat about 3 times per week, it makes a valuable contribution to omega-3 in our diet.

If your looking to maintain healthy bodily function and give yourself sustaining energy, then try snacking on our beef jerky.

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