7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest Beef Jerky


Here are 7 reasons why Just Jerky is Australia’s Finest beef jerky.


To make the best beef jerky, we listened to you, the customer. We soon heard that you and many other Australian’s love eating healthy snacks, and expected jerky to be honest, quality and all natural. So that’s what we set out to do, give Australia the finest beef jerky. Simple.

  1. Taste – First and foremost. We quickly waved goodbye to the standard plastic tasting jerky people were eating. We waved goodbye to using fatty meat off-cuts. Only the finest premium grass-fed Aussie beef is used to make Just Jerky. And, did we mention our ingredient? Hand-picked with an even spread of flavour and spice! The combination of theses simple things make Just Jerky one super tasty and healthy beef jerky snack.
  2. All Natural – Only goodness for our bodies. Just Jerky made a stand and said no to MSG, no to using preservatives & no to adding additives. Just Jerky’s beef jerky is as natural as the flowers in your garden… isn’t that nice.
  3. Only Grass Fed Beef – Sustainability is front of mind, and definitely not an afterthought. We thought long and hard about sustainability and have done our best to make sure our cattle are only grass-fed. This allows us to improve Just Jerky’s footprint, while giving our beef jerky a more natural taste and flavour.
  4. Convenience – You’re busy – we get that. You like snacking – we get that too. That’s why Just Jerky comes in 25g and 50g packs. Whatever your preference, you have the power to choose 😉
  5. Cook Right – Cook beef jerky right and you maximise the flavour, the taste, and keep in all the natural goodies. But, cook beef jerky wrong and it ends up dull and sapped of all the yums. Just Jerky is cooked for 48 hours at 40 degrees to ensure the flavours are locked in and all amino acids, proteins, and natural goodies are kept intact.
  6. Protein – Popeye should have eaten Just Jerky. Protein helps sustain your energy levels for longer and give you the fuel to do the things you want to do. It’s good for your heart, liver, muscles and is required for maximum bodily function. Just Jerky’s beef jerky provides as much as 100% more protein than a standard protein bar. Fancy that!
  7. Local – Supporting local means we’re helping keep Australians in jobs and supporting local communities. It means we can also guarantee the quality of our jerky… getting a trusted Aussie product time and time again.

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