Trending: 5 reasons why all the cool kids eat beef jerky

Trending: 5 reasons why all the cool kids eat beef jerky

There is no doubt that beef jerky has received some newfound and welcome attention in the media lately. Thanks to primal food trends such as the Paleo diet and whole-foods movement, it is clear that authentic and real food is on the rise!

So where does beef jerky fit on the plate of the increasingly health food conscious folk, you ask? Well, what you may not know is that not all beef jerky is created equal. Kind of similar to the way you can have, let’s say, kale chips VS potato chips, beef jerky can be good for you, or not so nutritious – it’s all in the beef. At Just Jerky, it’s pretty simple, we us 100% lean grass-fed beef, and that’s what you get when you open your pack, it’s simply cut up into thin slices…. so its really no different to enjoying a steak for dinner – equal parts delicious and healthy!

So, let’s dive into the 5 reasons why you should jump on board with the cool kids and eat beef jerky too!

1. It’s real food protein.  No powders, shakes, or ‘just add water’ necessary – your post workout protein hit is satiating and tasty cause it’s real beef.

2. It travels well. You know that camping trip when the esky melted and your bacon went bad, that just doesn’t happen with jerky! No need to refrigerate or keep it cool, it’s preserved so well so that you can take it on even the harshest adventures!

3. Kid’s love it, even before they know its cool. No, really, its true. Especially those super-fussy-don’t-put-that-food-near-me children dig a pack of jerky. They simply love the stuff, and if you ask me, I’d rather our fellow small humans chew on a piece of real meat thats nutritious than a pack of flavoured crackers.

4. Chicken salad is so yesterday. Sure we all know that eating a salad for lunch can only be good for us, but it’s also important to feel full and satisfied after a meal. Gone are the days of the soggy Caesar! Add some real veggies and a pack of jerky to your midday meal and make it a real lunch.

5. You make friends with jerky. Jerky lovers aren’t just lovers, they are fanatical devotees that will search the corners of the earth to fulfil there dehydrated desires. So you can only imagine what happens when one jerky lover meets another….