3 hot & healthy jerky snacking tips

3 hot & healthy jerky snacking tips

3 hot & healthy snacking tips to fuel your daily adventure.


Snacking throughout the day is a great way to sustain energy and keep you going for longer.

With an abundance of snack food available, how do you choose a snack that’s good for you?

We believe snacking should neither be boring nor bad for you. So, here are three handy suggestions to help you snack right.

1. When looking for snacks at your local supermarket, try walking straight up to the fresh produce section, then to the health food aisle, then to the checkout. Unless you need to grab a few home necessities, there is really no good reason to go to any other aisle.

2. Choosing good snack foods is helped by picking foods that are easy to prepare: Fruits, veg, nuts & Just Jerky’s beef jerky are the necessities to getting yourself energised with healthy snacks.

3. Mix it up and have fun. Combining a piece of fruity with Just Jerky’s beef jerky and organic chocolate is yummy, and always a treat to look forward too.

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